Short Hair Do Care

I went “boff cut” 4 years ago. If you missed my story on what happened then, you can read it here. I love my short hairdo and enjoy the compliments I receive. Most people are surprised that I can carry it off well. And quite a few women say to me “gosh I wish I could do that, it would be so easy to maintain!”.  Well you can go for a short hairdo for whatever reasons you like, but please don’t do so for easy maintenance. Here I would like to bust some myths about the convenience of having a short hairdo.

  1. Easy to Maintain: This is the one that I hear often, it is anything but easy to maintain. It is not like the short hairdo of a man – a simple wash and then let it dry by itself. Your stylist obviously had a particular look in mind when she gave you that cut. But every time you wash the hair, it seems to behave differently. And like a simple pony that you can just brush the hair and knot up, you can’t do that with the short hair. Every strand has a place and you need to help it find its home! And make sure they all stay there throughout the day.
  2. Needs less attention: Just because you have less of it doesn’t mean less attention. Short hair magically grows longer. Every morning you wake up and you can see it has grown. Only that it never grows evenly and there is always some wrong place that it will curl up or stick out. It is like watching your bank balance after all the EMI payments are made, there is so little left that you need to care about every penny being spent!
  3. No bad hair days: I had bad hair days with long hair, but I could easily hide it with a plait or a pony. With short style every morning, waking up from the bed is a bad hair day. I have no idea what kind of elves are at work in the night. Suddenly every strand is defying gravity. They form strange and unique shapes like a modern art sculpture, worthy of Tate. There is no way you can step out of the house before a wash. Pity the people in the house who put up with that scary look every morning.
  4. It is an “always-on” style statement: I get that one doesn’t have to style the hair for every event, it is just the same style all the time. But it works only when you style rest of the things: your clothes, accessories, make-up, all of them are suddenly in big focus. My wardrobe needed a complete make-over to avoid me looking like I have offered up my hair for some cause at Tirupathi. Suddenly your features on your face have no place to hide, so you better know how to make that nose look small and eyes look big. Short hair is like a spotlight, it reveals that which was hidden earlier!
  5. Costs less: This is the biggest myth. You are better off investing in your stylist’s business and buying a stake if possible, as you will be surely increasing her net worth quite a bit. She might turn up being your 3am friend as you will see her more often than your regular friends. And if you add all those styling products, the new accessories, additions to your wardrobe etc, you might need to set aside a monthly budget!

So if you want to go for that short hairdo, please do. Like many things in life, there are surprises and unintended consequences. So read this disclaimer carefully, “short hairdo is subject to gravity defying risks. Your investments may be higher than the returns. Your comfort may go up or down based on the style you carry. The definition of convenience will change from time to time. The only guarantee is the sun and cool breeze on your neck, and a sense of freedom and wild abandon to experiment again and again”.



2 thoughts on “Short Hair Do Care

  1. Hi Sangs! Have been reading and enjoying your posts from time to time! But this is one post that got me both laughing and empathizing with you the most! I couldn’t agree with you more…and the worst part is nobody around seems to understand one bit of what my angst is 😆😞! Glad you busted the myths! You’re so right about the stylist: How many times I’ve got cheated thinking that the haircut is going to end my bad hair days and the very next day I’m back to square one 😞

    How’s life otherwise? How’s your consulting business? How’s Agastya? Srini? And parents? Do drop a line or we can WhatsApp when you’re free. Cheers! Geetha.

    1. Geetha, thank you, I am glad it resonated with you. Well we short hair sporters have our own unique problems, and I was keen people understood that. All in the service of greater humanity 🙂 . All well, will call you soon!

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