Myriad voices of my morning walk

Every morning I encounter

the myriad voices of my morning walk.

The spring flowers dropping down from the trees,

My foot ruffling the dry leaves and stones

I hear some birds chirping all around

The crows are calling each other as they spot a meal

The mynahs in pairs are strutting together

An occasional kingfisher I hear sounds a screechy neigh

I hear a whistle, like a young boy calling a girl

When I try and look it’s a tiny bird happy at sunrise

The crickets don’t want to be lost

Seems like a they are having a party, and what a racket

Then there is the young couple running

Oblivious to the thuds, with music in their ears

Oh the big gang of old men, how can I forget

who appear to be on the United Nations

The big discussions and the major decisions they have to make

One day it is NaMo’s policies, the next

it is Sonia’s son and son in law

Then again it might be net neutrality

Or one day about the bombing in Yemen

They seem to know it all

How to fix the country, how to fix the world

If only their voices were heard!

There is the mother in law talking about her son and

Daughter in law

“the mother’s first job is her child” says one

“but mine continues to work and care for everyone” says the other

Will they walk together again, I have to wait and see

The young housewife complains

about the useless maids

The maids walking to work complain

about the fickle minded lady of the house

The young labourers walk very quietly,

burden of the day ahead, weighing on their mind

And the voice in my head reminds me to stay focused

To think of my walk and the day ahead

It chuckles at the old men and smiles at the comments by the maid

Wonders about the women and the day ahead of the labourers

My day begins with these myriad voices outside and in my mind!


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